BNB Bank

The BNB Commitment

Working Together Sets Us Apart.

BNB sponsors Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk,
August 2014.

At BNB Bank, we take a proactive role in our communities to help make them better places to live and work. This role isn't a new one for us: It's been part of our philosophy since the very beginning. From our founding in 1910, we have been strongly committed to reinvesting in the community. A local community bank, BNB supports the institutions and organizations that make Suffolk County, Long Island, so special.

That support runs deep. Not only does BNB offer financial support through direct gifts and special financing options, we encourage our staff members to help in their own backyards. You'll see our people volunteering on boards, lending a hand at events and rolling up their sleeves on projects that contribute to the community – both as an organization – and for the work of our individual officers.

We focus our efforts at the grassroots level, working with organizations that are based in the Bank's market areas and contribute directly back to the specific communities where we do business. Our support spans the spectrum of need: from education and the arts, to protecting the environment, preserving our history and heritage, and supporting local youth and human service programs.

But at BNB, we take our grass-roots efforts even further, often creating our own programs where there is a need. For example, our annual Apple Program raises funds for local food pantries while the Bridge Business Scholars program offers scholarships to students planning on studying financial topics.