BNB Bank

Cash Management

Find the cash management solution that's right for your business.

Whether your business is big or small, you will find the cash management solution that will meet your needs – and superior, personal service to exceed your expectations at BNB Bank.

From online banking, bill pay and credit cards to zero-balance accounts and lockbox services, we provide Long Island businesses with tools to streamline their cash management – saving time and making their operations more efficient.

Remote Deposit

Deposit checks into your account even when you can't go to the bank

  • Scan checks conveniently at your office or accounts receivable site.
  • Transmit electronic deposits directly to BNB for clearing.
  • Improve funds availability and cash flow.
  • Consolidate deposit accounts.
  • Reduce administrative overhead.
  • Improve reporting.

Bridge ACH

Direct deposit of payroll and more

  • Accepts files from many payroll packages.
  • Create payroll files.
  • Debit customers automatically.
  • Route funds to multiple accounts.
  • Make tax payments.
  • Move funds from one institution to another.
  • Collect payments for routine billings.
  • Accelerate receivables.

Positive Pay

An effective risk management solution to monitor and combat fraud

  • Automated process matches list of pre-authorized checks to those presented for payment.
  • Nonmatching checks marked as exceptions and reviewed online via Bridge Business Connect.
  • Checks "imported" in virtually any file format via an easy-to-use browser-based wizard.

Zero Balance Account

Maintain general operating accounts and separate payroll, petty cash or other accounts

  • Concentrates all funds into one central operating account.
  • Eliminates time spent on manually funding subsidiary accounts.
  • No need to track balance levels and funding requirements.
  • Saves clerical time and expenses.
  • Maximizes funds available for investment and minimizes risk of overdraft fees.

Lockbox Services

Speed funds availability of mailed payments

  • Payments mailed to a special post office box, processed according to your specifications and deposited directly into your account.
  • Utilizes a unique ZIP code for priority sorting.
  • Remittance information reported in any format: direct transmission, electronic media or paper.
  • Customized processing available.
  • Reduced clerical costs associated with processing payments.
  • Improved cash flow translates to money in your bank account – not sitting on someone's desk.
  • Accurate processing and improved audit control.

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