My relationship with BNB is a great one. It's built on sincerity, integrity and trust.

BNB is always there for you. They always want what is best for you. That’s what I look for in a business relationship.

Even though we’re a national company, I’m still a small-town girl. And even though BNB is not a ‘small-town bank’, you still get that small-town feeling. The BNB people know you; they take care of you like you’re part of the community. They treat you like family.

My relationship with BNB is a multifaceted one. Our relationship includes managing the day-to-day banking and deposits as well as short- and long-term financing. We’ve renovated the building that we’re in with financing from BNB. It used to be a school and we renovated it into a 15,000-square-foot bakery; then later, we expanded. Now it’s a 40,000-square-foot facility.

BNB makes everything so quick and easy. I know that anytime I call them up, I will get somebody on the phone who knows my business. I know I will get action.