BNB is part of our family. They've helped ignite our growth.

Over the last four years, we’ve been in the process of an acquisition plan, so there’s a transition period we’ve been going through from one generation to another as well as a growth spurt with milestone productions. Our relationship with BNB began in the midst of arranging the financing for the purchase of stock from my aunt and uncle.

What initially attracted us to BNB was their ability to put the finance package in place—and to do it within the tight time frame we had—at a reasonable rate. But moreover, they’re a ‘bankers’ bank.’ We’re working with the same team of individuals who we know and trust. With some of the larger commercial banks, you have a sense that you’re not going to be talking to the same people.

BNB is a local bank. That’s important to me. They know our business and me personally. They understand our business and my appetite for risk. They will come by and brainstorm. They take an active interest in our success. I know they’re always there to back us up.