BNB Bank

What Our Customers Are Saying

John O'Loughlin

Bay Gas Service, Shirley, NY

"My business is Bay Gas Service. My passion is performance boating. BNB has been a tremendous asset. Thanks to BNB, I've been able to pursue my business and my passion for performance boating. A lot of banks talk about doing business. BNB does business. They allow us the flexibility to be as aggressive as we need to be. In this challenging climate and marketplace, we're able to know that we've got financial backing and support behind us to make difficult choices and moves on a daily basis." 

"Because they fortify and back up Bay Gas Service and all our operational needs, it gives me time to pursue other things, such as my passion for performance boating. I know BNB will always be behind me."

Bay Gas Service is a propane gas retailer, and wholesale supplier to 22,000 customers on Long Island. A 30-year-old family owned operation, Bay Gas Service continues to grow and add new customers on a daily basis. They have been a customer of BNB Bank for eight years.