BNB Bank

What Our Customers Are Saying

Robert O'Kunewicz

Okey Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Southampton, NY

"My business is Okey Plumbing & Heating. My passion is flying. After working 25 years, I did wake up one morning... I got up and went flying. I couldn't have done it without BNB. They've been with us all the way. All the borrowing power I've had has been through BNB. It means a lot to work with local people, people you can depend on and who you can talk to. You can call them up on the phone and they know you. You're not talking to a stranger."

"Thanks to BNB, I've been able to fulfill my passion and get flying – which is not so easy to do. It's a very calming relaxing feeling and that's really why I do it. It gets me to a place where nothing else can. You come down and fly on a day like this. There's nothing better in the world."

For more than 25 years, Okey Plumbing & Heating has been Eastern Long Island's go-to plumbing and heating company. Okey provides a full range of commercial and residential installation and repair, including a 24-hour emergency service. They have been a BNB Bank customer for five years.