BNB Bank

What Our Customers Are Saying

Skip Norsic

Emil Norsic & Son, Southampton, NY

2 men in front of truck“Like BNB, we believe in local relationships and working together to make our local community better. We began working with them about five years ago when we were looking to expand; specifically, we were looking to construct a large warehouse in Riverhead. Our bank at the time was not meeting our needs. BNB presented a viable and well-priced plan for us to switch banks that met all our needs. Since then, we’ve worked with the cash management team on the remote deposit service. We love it because it frees us from having to go to the bank daily. It’s a large time-saver and extremely cost-efficient. BNB also provided us with a wireless credit card machine. The bank listens to our needs and proposes viable solutions that are cost-efficient.”